Zakynthos, or else known as Zante, is one of the most beautiful Greek islands that you can visit any time of the year. A holiday in Zakynthos is much more than Greek food tasting and sunbathing at the beach. It is an extraordinarily rich island with a variety of flora, fauna, aromas and geological formations. Surrounded by green and turquoise waters it’s the southern most and the second most populated of the Ionian archipelago.

Many people say that Zakynthos offers two separate kinds of holidays as if it is separated in two zones. One for an easy-going, smooth summer for the travelers who wish to explore the untouched nature and travel back in time. While the other part is full of bars and restaurants dedicated to a more vibrant living.

The north of the island is mountainous with numerous rural villages and monasteries between pine forests and rocky beaches. The Shipwreck beach, the most renown attraction of the island, can also be found on this side of the island. The blue caves are also in the near vicinity and is another highlight that you shouldn’t miss. In the south coastal villages sandy and accessible beaches create a completely different picture. Here you can find the bustling capital, Zakynthos town, which was destroyed by a devastating earthquake and a fire that followed right after. Following that catastrophic event, the town has been rebuilt to resemble as faithfully as possible it’s former Venetian architecture.

Last but not least in our neighbourhood, Porto Roma, you will discover a pristine way of life with plenty of vegetation and flora, making it an exceptional landscape to relish your holidays while you are listening to cicadas’ songs and being refreshed by the summer breeze. Porto Roma is in the region of Vasilikos, where you can find the picturerisque beach of Gerakas. Gerakas is also part of the environmentally protected area Natura 2000 in Zakynthos, which is the home of monk seals and sea turtles during their nesting period. If you can’t help but be active during your holidays there are also many hiking routes in Skopos. Skopos is the only mountain in the area and in Ancient Greece it was dedicated to the godess Artemis. In the area you can also buy hand-made rugs, pottery or try an ouzo in one of the tavernas serving delicious local food.

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